James Little

16 Jun 2018, 12–2pm

Dorsia…. is a solo exhibition by artist James Little, held at West Space Bourke street in 2018. This exhibition by Little, explores various perspectives on distorted perception, and the many tensions evoked by approaching the concept of perception from differing vantage points. Unfolding throughout 3 spaces, the works are mixed media spanning from sculptural installation to print media and lighting. Minimalism and placement of the objects are of utmost importance, as every detail contributes to relaying to the viewer what distorted perception can mean in its multiplicity of forms. Juxtaposing bright saturating coloured lighting and sinister objects like an axe embedded in the floor, envelop the viewer in a surreal experience. Brightly coloured bowling bowls in the next room remind of the innocence of childhood. Little positions symbolic objects that draw on dramatic opposites from destructive and sinister qualities to feelings of familiarity and nostalgia. These deliberate choices challenge the viewer to question their own senses, questioning if what they experience is grounded in reality. Cliche cinematic motifs are used as decoys, teasing the viewer with a feeling of recognition. 

Through this exhibition of his work, Little brings to light the many misleading qualities a presentation of objects can provoke, whether that be virtually or physically. The viewer enters the exhibition, with an uncanny feeling, not knowing whether this is a dream, horror themed video game, virtual reality or a twenty-first century surreal painting. Dorsia… presents as a nihilistic take on our human condition, but in reality it is full of hope. It demands the viewer to wake up from their sleepwalking nightmare and question what information and experiences they take for granted.