For almost three decades, West Space has produced and presented art and ideas by leading Australian artists. We work as a contemporary art gallery, a commissioning organisation, and as a space for critical reflection. Underlying everything we do – the commissions, the exhibitions, and the public programs – is the support of our community.

There are a number of ways you can support West Space:

West Space is grateful to our current supporters:

West Space Visionaries:
Catherine Pierce
Jan van Schaik

West Space Advocates:
Joan Spiller & Philip Yetton

West Space Ambassadors:
Andrew Huynh
Helen Seales

West Space Friends:
Alicia Renew
Melissa Loughnan
Michael Schwarz
Miriam Kelly
Nurin Veis
Patrice Sharkey
Phip Murray
Robbie Aitken

West Space Honorary Patrons
Patrick Pound
Julia Cox
Bill Gillies

West Space Sponsors
Blackhearts & Sparrows
Fini Frames
Nagle Accounting
Sibling Architecture
McCorkell Constructions
Base Design